V60 Experiment

V60 Experiment

I love V60’s, they have been my go to drink now for the past 6 months but I find them very tricky to master. I must admit I’ve never really been the best at keeping notes of what works and what doesn’t and so my method would change almost every time, producing obviously very inconsistent results. Certain things never change, I use 19grms of single origin coffee 330ml of water and a small amount of luck. I do like a good stir of the slurry after I’ve added the wetting water and once all the water is in. This works very nicely but I’m going to start experimenting a bit more with ratios later on.


I was on the train this week on my way to this month’s meeting and was reading Scott Rao’s “everything but espresso” and he was going on about “High and Dry” This is where the coffee grounds stick to the side of the filter paper and are there for under extracted. This happens every time I make a pour over and I never really thought anything of it, it’s not like I’m getting massive clumps of grounds just a dark coating of fines.  So I thought I would give the “little and often” method a go and see what happens. The only coffee I had in the cupboard was a month old Washed Kenyan but I thought I would give it a go anyway, I really don’t like wasting coffee it makes me sad. It’s not as easy as I thought and you can’t take your eye off the ball but I was amazed at the results, crystal clear and full of flavour. It completely took me by surprise. I’ve used the “Little and Often” technique a few times now (just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke) and the results are much more consistent.

That fact that you have to take your time and pay a lot more attention instead of just slowing filling to the required weight and waiting. Give it a go…….

Next blog will be on pour over ratios.

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