March Guest Roasts

March Guest Roasts


From Origin Coffee Roasters we have a coffee from El Salvador in the Santa Ana region from the San Carlos farm. The farm’s owner, Dr. Méndez Flores, is from a coffee farming dynasty; the family own six farms in El Salvador. San Carlos is run based on the vision of producing the highest quality coffee for the area as well as a strong commitment to both social and environmental sustainability. The farm has certainly succeeded and continues to fulfil this vision, as recognised through both local and International awards. In 2010 San Carlos was awarded 14th place in the prestigious Cup.

The farm is also certified under the protected denomination of Origin within the Apaneca-Ilamatepec zone, a Biosphere Reserve in which coffee plantations play a key role in the ecosystem. Certification is given based on quality as well as location.

The coffee is grown alongside mango, orange and avocado and sheltered under shade trees. During harvest, the freshest coffee cherries are picked and then taken to the El Carmen Estate for wet milling. The cherries are depulped, fermented and washed in pure spring water. The coffee beans are then sun dried on clay patios.

In the cup: Caramel, nectarine, grapefruit rind.

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