Guest Roasts For February

Guest Roasts For February



From Clifton Coffee Roasters, a new Roaster to us, we have a coffee from El Salvador, in the Santa Ana region. This coffee is imported by direct trade from the farm Miravelle, which is a small but beautifully kept farm which sits 1650 meters above sea level on the foothills of the Santa Ana Volcano with incredible views across Ilamatepec.

This small farm is owned by Jaime Ernesto Riera Menendez, whose family have been producing coffee in El Salvador for several generations & there is clearly a meticulous attention to detail in the cultivation of their bourbon & pacas crop.

Jaime & his farm manager Luis Flores and they believe the reason why his farm was awarded 8th place in the Cup of Excellence this year is the excellent quality of the Bourbon variety, its resistance to roya and also its perfectly balanced altitude and volcanic soil conditions.

In the cup, Miravalle shines with a bright clean acidity that is flavored with notes of tanagerine, green apple and honeydew melon.

The medium body has a silky mouthfeel that delivers pungent aromas of tropical fruit, malt and caramel with a lingering subtle jasmine finish.

From Climpson and Sons we have a Colombian from the Pijao region, the farm Santa Fe has been managed by Nubia Lopez for 17 years, which has been in the Lopez family for 32 years. Sante Fe covers a very large area (50 hectares in total), of which 10 hectares is reserved for this type of Varietal, the Castillo Paraguaicito, with 7500 trees. The remaining 40 hectares is for the family housing, a nature reserve, and small-scale agriculture.

In the cup, bright flavours with a fruity balance of peach, tangerine and honeysuckle.

From Old Spike Roastery we have a Nicaraguan, the farm lies in the San Fernando municipality in the renowned coffee growing region of Nueva Segovia. Here Octavio Peralto, the farmer, farms just under half of his total farmland with coffee trees. The rest is dedicated conservation land for the preservation of the luscious and diverse vegetation and wildlife. Perlata works hard to preserve the natural mountainous forest. This in turn provides shade cover for the coffee and brings unique and distinctive flavour profiles to the cup.

This year’s crop still retains a sparkling lemon acidity, with heaps of sweetness, but is a little cleaner this time round – making it a pleasant, ession espresso! A subtle floral sweetness of honey together with a biscuit nuttiness keeps balance when blended with milk.

In the Cup, Lemonade, Honey and Granola.

Guest Roast