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PLOT - Brazilian


Producer: Samir Rage Matuck
Preparation: Natural
Cultivar: Yellow Bourbon
Altitude: 900 - 1,140 masl
Location: Soledade de Minas São Lourenco, Minas Gerais


From the Mantequeira de Minas area of Minas Gerais, this exceptional lot is bursting with red fruit and chocolate flavours. Like a Black Forest gateau but with less impact on the hips.

Mantequeira de Minas was the first area to get a geographical indication in the Brazilian coffee industry. This approach is similar to the French appellation system for wine and by defining growing regions which have particular types of "terroir" it is changing the way people view specialty coffee production in Brazil.

Fazenda Santa Rosa is located in the area of Soledade de Minas. Fertile, well drained soil, a tropical climate and modern processing facilities make this estate a model for specialty coffee production.

This lot is comprised entirely of Yellow Bourbon but the farm also cultivates Acaiá, Catuaí and Yellow Icatú varieties.